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The Team

Mr. Fullum has 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of astronomical and optical instruments.

By combining their talents, they can offer all services that will help you materialize your wildest astronomical projects.


Normand Fullum

I introduce myself, Normand Fullum.  I am married and father of 2 children.  We live in Hudson, Quebec.

Astronomy always interested me, however, when I decided to invest in a telescope some twenty years ago, I realized that if I wanted a telescope to my specifications, I needed to build it myself.  I bought a book on the production of mirrors and telescopes, which I read at least 5 times.  Then, I visited the Maison de l’Astronomie P.L. in Montreal and I bought a 12.5 inch Pyrex, even if the salesperson recommended one of 6 to 8 inches for my first mirror.  It took me one year to build my telescope with a Serrurier type frame with an equatorial base, groove and polish my mirror.

My eldest son (6 years old at the time) found it too high, and since I had maple wood at home, I built him one made of wood, for his height, with a 7 inch mirror.  This is when I knew this was my calling.  I discovered a passion in the production of wood telescopes.  My friends suggested I present it at CAFTA (annual contest in amateur telescope production).  I took first place for originality.  I then presented it at Stellafane (United States), a competition that started in 1923.  I took first place for craftsmanship.

My second wood telescope was built 6 months after (8 inch F/3.62), which also won at Stellafane the following year.

I now build wood telescopes for customers in Canada, United States, Europe and Australia.  I am very proud to say that my telescopes are unique in their style.

In the past 5 years, I have become an expert in the field of large mirrors for 20-inch + diameter telescopes, aluminum structures and various components.

The product selection and services are in ongoing expansion.

My philosophy behind the construction of my work is very simple:  a telescope is a noble instrument that shows us we are small in a universe full of suns that shine through a billion galaxies.  A telescope deserves a better place than a closet or garage.  It should have a place of honor like a grand piano or grandfather clock.  The optic, which is the core, must be the absolute best.  One of my other specialty is the reconfiguration of existing telescope mirrors.  No mirror leaves my workshop before I am completely satisfied.

Each wood telescope takes from 1 to 3 months to build.  The wood is chosen with care (for our climate).  I like to work with rosewood and cherry tree.  I then make the primary mirror.  Then, I start to think of a style and when the mirror is sent to be aluminized, I start the construction.   My trademark is the sculpted altitude movement of the man and the moon.  Several of my telescopes incorporate wood sculptures (planets, shooting stars, etc.).  I am open to my customers’ ideas.  They are after all the ones who will take care of their telescope.

The largest instruments are made in aluminum and other alloys, as per the customer’s requirements, to combine quality and performance.