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To discover the Universe in all its glory is a passion for Normand Fullum.  Comets, planets, objects from the deep sky, and of course, the occasional celestial phenomena have always stimulated Normand in the creation of his top notch telescopes.

Through the years, with acquired experience, Normand has built a reputation all over the world for the quality of his optics and the structure of his telescopes.

Presently, the company exports 80% of its work to the following countries:  United States, Japan, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.  The care given to the quality of the products that Normand designs and builds since 2007, quickly helped the company reach new frontiers.

This distinction in the world of optics paved the way to a unique partnership with the Laval University Optics Research Centre, MDEIE and CRSNG – provincial and federal government organizations.

Of this partnership, a unique technology in the fusion and polishing of large dimensional optical mirrors was created.   Today, the numerous advantages of the Techno-Fusion© technology makes it possible for the company to sell at competitive prices and puts the company forefront with opportunities of substantial growth each and every year.

The leader in custom-made large surface optical astronomy production at competitive pricing, Optiques Fullum Inc. directs its designs and manufacturing of solar hubs (?), surveillance telescopes (infrared and multi-spectrum) and observatories.  The company still serves the amateur and professional astronomy market.  These are the new challenges of the Optiques Fullum team.

  • Mr. Normand Fullum, President

Our future is infinite!