Wood Telescopes

What makes Optiques Fullum instruments special is the unique wood design, where the colour and shape play an important role.  Indeed, we do find wood instruments from Dobson amateur builders…probably not at the same aesthetic level as my telescopes.  The available wood has been selected for its high resilience to humidity, effects due to thermal changes, and minimal bending under its weight.

Choose the wood for your future instrument amongst the following colours.  Some extracts will depend on the supplier’s availability.


Amaranth Bresilian White birch Red Cedar Cherry tree Red oak
Oak Cocobolo Maple Curly maple Maple core Tiger maple
Cherry wood Walnut Paddouk Payung White pine Zebrawood


Choice of extracts for the accessories: Finder support, handle or other elements on order

Purple core Jarrah Lacewood Paduak

ill-telescopesEnBois-1To insure soft movement, I cover each movement axis with small strips made of Ebony Star formica on virgin Teflon. The result is near perfection! Whatever the selected sky zone (zenith, horizon…) the movements are done very smoothly without any jolts and with great precision… ideal for magnified planet observation. I also propose the installation of a handle near the eyepiece holder for a better hand grip, a tray for the eyepiece holder and an altitude slide system. The battery cover that powers the ventilator is also in the same wood as the optical tube. No detail is omitted.

As construction of the optical tube begins, the selected wood will be leveled, cut and assembled. All optical tubes are made of 16 glued parts of a 7mm thickness. The rigidity is excellent, just like the resistance to outside environment thermal fluctuations. The secondary mirror support is also made of wood, the metal spider legs are assembled to the tube with wood parts.

The interior of the optical tube is varnished and covered with a rubberized sealant and painted with a black matt colour, to eliminate bright reflection causing interference. The wood exterior of the parts is covered with five coats of polyurethane marine varnish and covered with a polymer wax. The perfect protection against the elements.


ill-telescopesEnBois-2 ill-telescopesEnBois-3 ill-telescopesEnBois-4