Large Diameter Telescopes

Large telescopes (30 to 65 inches) are now built right here at Optiques Fullum.

We offer very light aluminum structures, with “GoTo” StellarCat and ArgoNavis systems.  The “FeatherTouch” ocular supports are a must.

Telescopes Grand Diametre

The various configurations are also available.   For example, we offer for the very large telescopes of 36 inches and more, a system called “Optiques Fullum folded”.  This system consists of a parabolic primary mirror with a very short focal (F/3.5-F/4), coupled with a secondary mirror placed much lower than normal, which will redirect the optical axis at a 17.5 degree angle instead of 45 degrees.  The result is for a more secure focal spot for the observer.  For example, a 50-inch F/3.5 telescope ocular support would normally be made at a height of 18 feet!!!  The folded Optiques Fullum system will have an ocular support at an 8.5 height only!!!!!

All large diameter telescopes are available on order only, and the customer has the choice of several personalized options that will be discussed before signing the contract.